I’m running to ensure the students of Puyallup School District thrive amidst major challenges. My focus is on student achievement for all Puyallup students . . . all means all.

Uphold the Tradition of Excellence

The PSD prides itself on a tradition of excellence. We owe it to the pioneers and more importantly our children to uphold that tradition. That means we must provide every student with every opportunity to excel. I will work to ensure that our students experience a rigorous curriculum and graduate on time to be ready for the demands of the market place and our democracy. In addition to cognitive and academic skills, we need to embrace the whole child by addressing students' social and emotional needs. Every decision, policy, and dollar spent should be guided with the question: "Is this good for the students to excel?"

All means all; Every Child Succeeds

Each and every child should be supported, cared for, and encouraged to be part of PSD's tradition of excellence. Puyallup is a diverse community. Four out of ten students are of color and nearly four out of ten are eligible for free or reduced lunch. We need to ensure all PSD decisions are guided by the principle of equity.

Fiscal Responsibility 

The Puyallup School Board has the fiduciary duty to ensure every dollar is spent right. This is a complicated time for school financing in Washington. In an attempt to comply with the McCleary decision, the legislature hastily introduced a new funding mechanism. The new funding mechanism helped the teachers to receive their well-deserved raises, but the PSD as a whole has been shortchanged. Under-funding of public education and funding inequities across Washington are a disservice to our kids, parents and communities. We need to pressure the state legislature to correct the funding mess they created and hold the PSD and their Superintendent accountable for every dollar spent. 

Heal the Relations Between Teachers and the Administrators

Teachers and administrators serve our students. Puyallup is blessed with excellent teachers and good adminstraotrs. Yet miscommunication broader political, economic, and social anxiety have created distrust between them. The Summer 2018 contract negotiations and Fall 2018 strike contributed further to this distrust. We cannot afford for this to continue. This is a crucial time for respect, listening, and empathy. I will work to heal a fractured community.