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There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


Candidates work diligently to get their message out to voters. They use digital media, ads, volunteers, direct mail, and many other efforts to help the voters understand how they can properly serve the community.

Another opportunity that candidates have to engage voters is through friends, family, and community members. Those willing to invite a candidate into their home and host their neighbors can be of the greatest influence. They help candidates and voters connect on a personal level, and ensure that candidates can be accountable to their constituents. If you can, you should definitely host a house party.


Volunteers are the most valuable resource to a campaign. They are dedicated to the candidate's platform and message, have a shared vision for the future of the community, and are dedicated to action. 

Volunteers do accomplish may tasks for a candidate. They knock on doors, make phone calls, raise money, and grow more voters. Most of all, they show up for the candidate. 

If you have the opportunity and capability to volunteer on any level, the candidate can use your help. Elections are about community.


The candidate needs to get their message to the voters. This is accomplished in many ways. Campaigns send direct mail pieces, develop digital ads, use yard signs, print brochures, and use a variety of materials to get their message out. All of this ultimately amounts to the fact that they need to raise money. Contribute when and where you can. Every amount helps big or small.

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