I’m running to ensure Puyallup students thrive amidst major challenges. My focus is on student achievement for all Puyallup students . . . all means all.

Turan Kayaoglu /TWO-run KI-a-O-loo/

I believe in the following four principles to improve student achievement:

Uphold the Tradition of Excellence for All

Focus on student achievement by working for a rigorous curriculum and excellent environment for teaching and learning. Embrace social and emotional learning.

All Means All; Every Child Succeeds

Each and every child should be supported, cared for, and encouraged to be part of the tradition of excellence. Puyallup is a diverse community. Four out of 10 students are of color and nearly 4 out 10 are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Embrace equity.


Fiscal Responsibility

Underfunding of public education and funding inequities across WA undermine student achievement. The state legislature should correct the funding mess they created and the Superintendent should account for every dollar spent. Every dollar should be spent to improve student achievement. Embrace fiscal transparency and accountability.

Heal the Tension Between Teachers and the Administrators

Teachers and administrators are here for student achievement. The conflict between them undercuts the focus on student achievement. We can’t afford it. Embrace respect, listening, empathy, and collaboration.

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Let's focus on student achievement for all students in Puyallup . . . all means all.

Here's what I bring to Puyallup School Board:

I Believe in the Transformative Power of Education

I was raised in Turkey by parents with no formal education. Schools allowed me to excel. Every Puyallup student should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of education.

I am Committed to Public Education

I’m a professor in a public university and see the problems of our K-12 system in my class every day. I know what students need to take on the economic, social, and political challenges of the 21st century and will work to implement a complex curriculum that meets these needs.

I Love Puyallup and Care About Our Communities

After living in Seattle and Tacoma, I chose Puyallup as the place to raise my children. I am Meeker Elementary PTA’s Legislative Representative and Puyallup Library Board’s Vice Chair. I will work to uphold Puyallup's tradition of community and service.


I Understand Teachers and Administrators

My experiences have prepared me to understand the challenges teachers face as well as administrative constraints and perspective. I have empathy, temperament, and communication skills to heal the fractures between our teachers and administrators.

About Me

I am a Professor of International Relations and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at University of Washington, Tacoma. Previously, I was a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institute.


I authored two books, co-edited a third, and published about twenty articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes. I taught 3,000+ students and delivered 100+ public talks in all over the world.


I came to USA in 1997, lived in WA since 1999, and became American citizen in 2012. I live in downtown Puyallup with my two kids.

I have a BA in International Relations (Bilkent University, Ankara), MA in International Studies (University of Denver), PhD in Political Science (University of Washington), and Management Development Program Certificate (Harvard University).

Turan Kayaoglu / TWO-run KI-a-O-loo/ is a Turkish name.

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